FairPlay Guardian: Revolutionizing Golf Course Management

Stop fake tee times with our cutting-edge technology for golf course management.

Real-time fraud detection
FairPlay Guardian uses advanced algorithms to monitor booking activities continuously, identifying patterns that indicate potential fraud. This proactive approach helps prevent losses and maintain the integrity of bookings.
Automated alerts via email and SMS
Upon detecting suspicious activities, FairPlay Guardian instantly notifies course operators via email or SMS, allowing them to review and address the issue without delay.
Learning algorithm that adapts to booking patterns
The technology begins in a learning phase, where it gathers data on normal activities to enhance its detection capabilities. The more it learns, the smarter and more effective it becomes at identifying fraudulent actions.
Minimal disruption to legitimate users
We know 95% of your bookings are real reservations and not fraudulent. We built FairPlay Guardian to ensure those tee time bookings are not deterred. When we do identify a likely fraudulent tee time booking, we alert and prepare you to determine next steps.

A Timely Solution for Sacramento City Golf Courses

The inception of FairPlay Guardian was driven by a pressing need at municipal golf courses in Sacramento, where operators struggled with substantial revenue losses due to fraudulent bookings. Golf Geek Software, a leader in golf course technology solutions, stepped up with FairPlay Guardian. This technology is not just a tool; it’s a guardian that monitors tee time bookings to detect and prevent fraudulent activities.

How Does FairPlay Guardian Work?

FairPlay Guardian utilizes sophisticated algorithms to analyze booking patterns and identify anomalies that may indicate fraud. This smart system begins in a learning phase, absorbing data and refining its ability to distinguish between legitimate and suspicious activities. Once a potential fraud is detected, the system alerts the course operators via email or SMS, empowering them to take immediate action. FairPlay Guardian works with both Lightspeed Golf and Total e Integrated systems and has proven to be an effective tool for public daily-fee and municipal golf courses.

Frequently Asked Questions

LIGHTSPEED: The Golf Geek booking engine seamlessly integrates with our full marketing suite so your website, email marketing, e-commerce and the Lightspeed tee sheet and point of sale all sync together for a one stop solution. 

TOTAL E INTEGRATED: The Golf Geek booking engine integrates perfectly with the Total e Integrated tee sheet. Nearly 10% of all Total e Integrated golf course customers use the Golf Geek booking engine with dynamic pricing and waitlist.

Yes! Our support team will teach you how to best use our system for your facilities needs.

In addition to initial and ongoing training, we also offer support to your staff. You won’t be left hanging with Golf Geek Systems.

Absolutely! Our custom branded solution provides you with a custom domain that you can link to directly from your current website. 

You keep all of your customer data! Golf Geek is not a third party aggregator, we have no interest in your customer data and will never use or sell your data, for more information on our data practices, please see our policies listed here.

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