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Thank you for visiting the Golf Geek blog. This is where we share reports, articles, stories and more designed to help golf operators improve their operation. We want to help you grow your revenue while growing your direct tee time bookings. We believe our sales and marketing platform will help you save time while creating that growth.
Enhancing the Tee Time Booking Experience: Golf Geek’s Innovative Approach

Enhancing the Tee Time Booking Experience: Golf Geek’s Innovative Approach

Key Revenue-Boosting Features:
1. Waitlist Feature: An automated notification system alerts golfers looking for great tee times and let’s them book in 4 clicks. You’ll keep your prime time at a maximum revenue level.
2. Single Golfer Optimization: We use a golfer urgent user-interface to encourage singles to join threesomes and twosomes, helping you realize maximum revenue levels.  
3. Dynamic Pricing Capability: With intelligent, demand-based pricing, golf courses can adjust rates based on various factors like weather and booking timing, potentially increasing revenue by up to 20%.
4. Enhanced Data Collection: Collects extensive player data for better targeted marketing and service offerings, leading to higher engagement and return visits.
5. Promotional Code Integration: Supports promotional activities by seamlessly incorporating discount codes, which can drive bookings during off-peak times or special events.
6. Online Cancellations and Modifications: Offers flexibility for golfers to manage their bookings, which can improve overall satisfaction and reduce no-shows.

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