Marketing automation for golf

Dramatically reduce No-Shows with automated tee time reminders via text message and/or email message. Keep golfers engaged and informed with tee time alerts, reducing the likelihood of missed tee times and optimizing your tee sheet.

Fill late cancellations with with our automated text messaging system, designed to swiftly fill any unexpected gaps the moment a cancellation occurs. This cutting-edge feature saves time and stress by efficiently replacing those unforeseen vacancies with minimal effort on your part.

Grow your golfer database with every round booked: Data automatically syncs, refreshing your list and adding thousands of new golfers each year.

Precision Targeting: Say goodbye to the spray-and-pray approach. An email database enables you to target your messages with surgical precision. Segment your audience based on demographics, behavior, and preferences to deliver personalized and relevant content that resonates with your golfers

Boosted Conversions: Engage, convert, repeat! The power of a well-nurtured email database lies in its ability to nurture leads into loyal customers. Build meaningful relationships through strategic email campaigns that guide prospects through the sales funnel, ultimately boosting conversion rates. Re-engage inactive golfers with automated email campaigns based on data from your Tee Sheet, Website, E-commerce and more.

Data-Driven Decision Making: Harness the wealth of data within your email database to make informed decisions. Track open rates, click-through rates, and subscriber behavior to refine your strategies. Adapt and optimize your approach based on real-time insights, ensuring continuous improvement.

Take Pressure Off Your Marketing Team

Automated campaigns that deliver the right time to the right person at the right price.

  • Craft beautiful and effective email campaigns with our easy to use, drag and drop email editor and holiday calendar.
  • Incentivize customers with promo codes based on days or times or added value.
  • Drill down on customer data, rate types, engagement and more with our advanced list segmentation.
  • Send confirmation messages, event alerts, shopping cart abandonment notices and more to nuture leads and increase conversion rates.
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Frequently Asked Questions

LIGHTSPEED: The Golf Geek booking engine seamlessly integrates with our full marketing suite so your website, email marketing, e-commerce and the Lightspeed tee sheet and point of sale all sync together for a one stop solution.

TOTAL E INTEGRATED: The Golf Geek booking engine integrates perfectly with the Total e Integrated tee sheet. Nearly 10% of all Total e Integrated golf course customers use the Golf Geek booking engine with dynamic pricing and waitlist.

Yes! Our support team will teach you how to best use our system for your facilities needs.

In addition to initial and ongoing training, we also offer support to your staff. You won’t be left hanging with Golf Geek Systems.

Absolutely! Our custom branded solution provides you with a custom domain that you can link to directly from your current website. 

You keep all of your customer data! Golf Geek is not a third party aggregator, we have no interest in your customer data and will never use or sell your data, for more information on our data practices, please see our policies listed here.

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