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Grow your golfer database with every round booked – no syncing necessary. Quickly & easily create campaigns to engage all buyers.


Track results anywhere, anytime and drill down on custom key Performance Indicators with our advanced reporting dashboard.


Automatically reduce no-shows
and fill last minute cancellations
with our specialized waitlist functionality

Demand Based Pricing

Become data-driven instead of discount-driven. Maximize revenue with every booking by targeting all customer types.


Data driven websites pair beauty with performance, for highly effective, optimized websites that deliver results.


Add to your revenue streams with online sales to help offset seasonal fluctuations and increase the lifetime value of a customer.


Track results anywhere, anytime and drill down on custom key Performance Indicators with our advanced reporting dashboard.

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Who We Are

Golf Geek was founded as a solution to a problem we had at Walter’s Golf in St Louis. We needed a smarter tee time booking system that would support our need to grow direct bookings, in other words – reduce third party bookings. After trying different options available in the marketplace, we realized no company offered a great golfer booking experience that simultaneously improved tee time utilization and revenue. Since we own and manage golf courses, we know what moves the needle and what keeps golf courses from greater success.

    • We know phone bookings are not efficient and don’t collect sufficient data
    • We know third-party bookings are too expensive and don’t collect sufficient data
    • We know most properties sell 40% of tee times at a rate lower than the market will support
    • We know third-party booking experiences are better than most booking engines
    • We know nearly all golf pros are in the dark when it comes to knowing performance numbers
    • We know golf courses have enough demand to sell two times the number of morning tee times they currently sell

With this insight, and the benefits of being longtime technology power-users, we built a golf course SALES & MARKETING platform. We have used it with great success for more than a year, across a portfolio of 15 golf courses in two markets. We have begun to offer the platform to golf courses in the USA and Canada looking to grow revenue and grow direct bookings.

What We Do

Our Success Model in Steps

Most golf course owners and operators review their pricing once or twice per year without taking into account the many daily variables that
impact the value of each individual tee time. We analyze your historical data, real time demand, and occupancy
for each and every tee time on your tee sheet to maximize your revenues.

We combine this data with automated marketing tools that help fill every tee time at the optimal rate,
dramatically reduce no-shows, and directly market to customers based on their historical behavior.

Analyze Your Tee Time and Golfer Data

Understand your historical occupancy, rate structure, and booking windows

Drive Consumers to Your Website & Tee Time Inventory

Our tools are designed to segment your customer database to make sure your customers only see the messages that are relevant to them

Display All Major Rate Options on Your Booking Engine

To maximize conversion, your rates must appeal, not only to price sensitive consumers, but more importantly – quality and time sensitive consumers.


React in Real Time

Our tools are created to produce real time results, so fleeting opportunities are capitalized on providing value to your customers

Grow Your Golfer Database

Don’t ever share your data with third party aggregators. Understanding and owning your own customer relationships is indispensable

Market & Re-Engage

Our automated marketing tools make it easy

Review & Report

Our management dashboard will provide you the results in an easy to understand format, allowing you to go to one place for all KPI’s

What Clients Say

Golf Geek is a game changer for any operator in our industry. These analytics allow us to quote tournament proposals that are data driven instead of throwing a dart at a dart board per say. With extensive in depth numbers from all revenue sources this allows us to accurately make golf outing quotes to maximize our revenue potential for each day. This tool is vital for us to continue growing our business. It’s truly the best tool on the market!

Doyle L. Moffitt

General Manager/Director of Golf, Far Oaks Golf Club

GolfGeek is a necessity for golf course owners and managers. With technology always evolving and improving, finding a solution that seamlessly integrates into our operations was a game-changer, and Golf Geek exceeded our expectations.

Where I had to go to 3 or 4 different platforms to find information to help us operate more efficiently, GolfGeek has streamlined them all into one place, making it much easier and quicker to make decisions on our core operations and most importantly, our customers. I sincerely recommend GolfGeek to any golf course owner or manager looking to elevate their operations.

Jason Cooper

PGA Head Golf Professional, Woods Fort Golf Course

Golf Geek Systems has become an integral part of our green fee team at each Morton Golf Property. Not only is their booking engine the best in the golf industry, but their knowledge of Demand Based Pricing has created additional rounds and maximized our revenues at each property. It is hard to imagine fully maximizing our tee sheet without Golf Geek Systems.

Morton Golf

General Manager

At Haggin Oaks, we like to think we are skilled at golf operations and maximizing our green fee revenues at our busy municipal property. Little did we know, that working directly with Aaron Gleason and Golf Geek would completely transform our strategies and green fee revenues. Over the last 7 years, some of highlights include:

  • Demand Based Pricing has created an additional $100K to $200K in green fee revenue each year for the past 7 years.
  • The Golf Geek “Best In Class” booking engine has resulted in over 50% of all tee times booked at our website – hagginoaks.com.
  • Golf Geek’s weekly green fee meeting has resulted in us focusing on key metrics, adjusting our strategies in real time, and creating targeted weekly email blasts to our active golfer database of 18K regular golfers.

I am totally satisfied with Golf Geek and would recommend their services to any golf operator without hesitation.

Mike Woods

Partner, Morton Golf - PGA Director of Golf, Haggin Oaks Golf Complex

We have experienced a surge in course bookings in later parts of the day and increased prices throughout the day since integrating their cutting-edge software. The user-friendly interface and dynamic pricing feature have made the entire process seamless for both players and staff. I highly recommend Golf Geek Software to fellow golf course owners seeking to boost efficiency & profitability.

Golf Course

Course Owner

As the Head Golf Professional at Stonewolf Golf Club & Event Center, managing tee times efficiently is crucial for providing an exceptional experience to our players. Golf Geek has been an absolute game-changer for our business. Their innovative platform has simplified and maximized our tee time management in ways we couldn’t have imagined.

Golf Geek’s system and dynamic revenue management is incredibly intuitive, allowing us to optimize our tee time schedules effortlessly. Their technology seamlessly integrates with our operations, ensuring that every available tee time is utilized efficiently, minimizing downtime and maximizing revenue potential. This has enabled us to cater to more golfers while maintaining an organized and enjoyable experience for each player.

Thanks to Golf Geek, we’ve seen a significant improvement in our tee time utilization, resulting in happier customers and increased profitability. Their dedication to streamlining the booking process has truly transformed the way we manage our tee times. We couldn’t be more thrilled with the impact Golf Geek has had at Stonewolf!

Mitchell Maves

Head Golf Professional , Stonewolf Golf Club

Thank you for your dynamic pricing at all of the Morton Golf courses this past summer.

We had a blast playing with such reasonable pricing for tee times. We now have up to 3 foursomes playing after work and it has introduced so many of our co-workers to this great game of golf. Morton golf kicks ass.

Morton Golf

From a Golfer

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