When considering a new software system for managing golf course operations, it’s natural to wonder about the transition process and the impact on both staff and golfers. At Golf Geek Software, we’ve tailored our approach to ensure a smooth, beneficial transition for everyone involved. Here’s what you can expect when integrating our innovative golf course management software.

Ease of Transition

Gradual Implementation: First – remember we do not replace Lightspeed or Total E. Adding Golf Geek, improves the experience for your staff and golfers. We understand that changing your tee time booking system can create some stress. That’s why we’ve designed a ramp pricing program specifically for golf courses using Lightspeed Golf or Total E. This allows you to start with a low initial monthly cost of $350 for the first two months. During this period, you can access all our advanced dashboards and marketing automation tools. The Golf Geek tee time booking engine will be available yet not set as the default option, ensuring a smooth transition without disrupting your current operations. Months three, four, and five are priced at $500 and month six and forward will be billed at $600. We can accommodate cash or capped trade for payment options and there are no added charges for golf software integration.

Dual System Capability: For the first few months, you can run the Golf Geek booking and marketing tech alongside your current Lightspeed or Total E features. This parallel running ensures that your staff and golfers can gradually get accustomed to the new system without feeling pressured to abandon the familiar Lightspeed setup immediately. As your golfers become more familiar with our software we’ll publish your new website and continually work to help you grow golfer engagement.

Enhanced Features for Golfers

Waitlist Functionality: One of the standout features of the Golf Geek booking engine is the tee time waitlist. This feature is exclusively available through our system and is designed to maximize convenience for your golfers. If a desired tee time is fully booked, golfers can easily join a waitlist and will be automatically notified when a slot becomes available. This reduces frustration and increases the likelihood of golfers sticking with your course instead of looking elsewhere. We’ll help you introduce your golfers to your new waitlist option which will accelerate overall adoption of your new booking engine. All this happens without you forcing your golfers to make a change.

Golfer Reaction and Engagement

Positive Experiences: Golfers appreciate convenience and technology that enhances their experience. The feedback on our waitlist feature has been overwhelmingly positive, with golfers enjoying the ease with which they can now secure tee times. This tool not only keeps your customers happy but also increases the utilization of your course.

Proactive Engagement: Through our targeted marketing tools integrated within the software, you can send personalized messages and promotions, engaging your golfers more effectively and increasing their loyalty and satisfaction.

Ongoing Support and Development

Continuous Improvement: Our commitment to improvement means we continuously refine our software based on user feedback. Whether it’s a small tweak to make the interface more user-friendly or a new feature to keep your course competitive, we listen and act.

Dedicated Support: Our support team is just a call or click away, ready to assist with any questions or challenges you might encounter. From onboarding and training to troubleshooting and feedback implementation, we ensure you have all the support you need.


Working with Golf Geek Software means being equipped with the tools and support necessary to enhance your golf course operations and golfer satisfaction. Our phased integration and innovative features are designed to ensure a seamless transition and a significantly improved golfing experience. As your partner in golf course management, we’re here to help you succeed and grow in an ever-evolving industry. Ready for a demo? Please visit our demo page to book your time.